Saturday, March 28, 2015


it is refreshing to think of happily-ever-after...sometimes. just thinking of this thought while watching the 2015 version of Cinderella!
to be whisked into the magical and think that princesses & fairies & crystal shoes exists! ahhhh
oh just day dreaming - well, more like evening dreaming while watching a movie.

Friday, January 2, 2015

balicasag reef, panglao island

the day started out great.. the sun is up and shining, the breeze blowing gently. everything is calm and looks so serene.
we head out to the beach to meet the boat that would take us to balicasag reef. this is my first time to be there. it was also pipa's first time to go. all is well while we are going there but we have noticed that the waves are becoming just a little bit rougher than before we set out.
and to maria's great disappointment, we anchored (tied up with the rest of the boats that are already there, about hundreds of them) near the reef instead of the supposed plan of docking on the island itself. sea sickness from being lulled by waves is becoming apparent for one of our companions.
we put on our snorkeling gear and for the first time i am able to use swimming fins. for the record this will be my third time snorkeling. the first two times was in mactan reef and we don't have any snorkeling gear at all!
i was excited though one of person that went with us to dive told us that we would struggle a bit because the waves are rough. carsten showed me how to use my stuff and off we went. just the two of us because apprently maria has succumb to the waves and is being nursed by roy on the side of the boat. 
horror 1: no matter how hard i tried i do not know how to move my legs and feet with swimming fins on! carsten is being patient but it was a slow move to the area where we were to do the snorkeling.
horror 2: while struggling to float (i was wearing a life jacket) and battle the waves i was also being stung by tiny flower like things and instead of paddling my arms i keep scratching my legs and arms! i found out later that those things are a species of jelly fish we locally called salabay.
horror 3: on the way home we met an unexpected thunderstorm!

the boat was newly fixed and painted but it does not have appropriate roof. it has a small room that can provide that can provide shelter from the biting wind and from getting wet because of the sudden downpour but it feels like being inside a bottle and shaken thoroughly.
i was holding pipa down there because leslie feels dizzy when suddenly she started throwing up on me; on my shoulders, chest & on herself. but she is a brave little girl, she did not cry at all she just made a little whimper because of the discomfort that she felt but no tears. we put her back up and her mom hugged her and covered her with towel while her dad was holding a life jacket on leslie's back and head to prevent wind and rain from soaking them both and pipa slept peacefully until we came back to panglao.

it was an experienced for all of us. maria keep repeating to herself, "never again" and les promise to listen to her guts but to me it was something else. one of the moments, albeit and uncomfortable one but nevertheless something i would not change.

a memorable second day of the year for us! 

here are some photos of the trip before the windy downpour.

the day showed great promise. no waves!

les & pipa looking at amorita resort

the huge boat that would take us to balicasag

amorita resort cliff

the tanks for the divers that are also with us

lone fisherman 

anchored well :-)

pipa love

little sailor and her dad

another boat man

normal, sane moments!

i envy these lashes, really


some of the hundreds that are all vying for some colorful fishy actions



me; my sisters!

maria, geared up 

i am not sure why i tried to pose in this area where i was in danger of having my foot smashed by our anchor

pipa playing with her dad

so pretty!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Movenpick Photo Diary October 2014

being in a long distance relationship is hard. actually saying it's hard is some sort of an understatement. but God has been good to us and has allowed us to grow in many ways. ranley and i have come to learn how to communicate and value each other and for that i am deeply grateful to him. 
this october, it is a great favor to us when his new job granted him a 2 weeks off to spend some time with me and my family. 

his previous visits has always been a little bit crowded. we have very little time to just be with each other. so it's a blessing to be able to spend some quality time being with him.

inlove with this couch in front of the front desk!

ibiza club



while spending some time there, i joke around and said, "it is nice to be alone, i feel like we are on an actual date"! haha

his kind of pose. lol

these are very comfy lounge chairs

still jet lagged!