Wednesday, July 30, 2014

river rafting

a very late post. again.

this one was taken the first week of june. my friends and i went to cagayan de oro to try their river rafting. officially the thing is called "the great white river" but it rained so hard the night before our adventure so the river was chocolate brown. the water was really cool though that we decided to jump and swim for a bit in the middle of the trip where the current was not so strong.
it was four hours of river swaying, rocking, bumping, swimming, etc. i was the only one not wearing a ruched guard or any sleeves so i think i look as chocolate as the river at the end of the trip :-) no regrets though.

the yellow thing was bing. accidentally pushed by jore 
that paddle was the only thing we saw of her for a couple of minutes. we thought that she would never make it. 
thank God she resurfaced again! 

the teams

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

3 islands

i have lived in mactan island for almost 8 years now. i was able to go snorkeling somewhere in some of the neighboring islands over (lip pointing) there but that was not counted because it was sneaky (we didn't pay the fee of 1 thousand something pesos) and it only lasted over an hour. 
so, during the three days (youth camp) of no electricity, very drought-like rationing of water, meager food, sleeping with the chickens (i'm serious!), sleeping on the sand (on thin mattress) ----- okay, the good stuff: beautiful, breathtaking sunrise, sentimental sunsets, clean air and slow and quiet days (except for screaming youths), i, along with ems, jore, bing and lani, had the excuse of accompanying ptr. ares to do island hopping. (for the record this is the worst sentence/grammar ever!!!)

all photos except for the first one was taken by jore

1st day sunrise - hilutungan island

captain jack sparrow has nothing on our boatman!
perfect shades of blue
nalusuan island
floating leilani
lunch of  grilled stuff. squid. chicken. fish & also fresh mango
on the way to snorkeling

ems & i

these are mostly koreans. there are so many of them inlove with our waters 
ka-awhagan island
perfecting water jump : ivy faith
water zombie : ptr. ares
3 of the million shots of hair flipping.  i realize i am not a hair-flipping-girl. jore nearly burst an nerve because of this. but these three are not bad, right?
water-flipping on the other hand is a different matter!!

beaches. water. islands. has a way  of opening up personalities. shedding off inhbitions. haha. 

right at the moment i am 5 shades darker than my natural color and am not sure if my summer is over yet.

a friend of ours has a business of island hopping if you want you and your friends to have fun this summer in cebu & mactan islands, you only have to pay P 5000.00 and you already get to visit the 3 islands. this already includes your lunch on the boat!
If you want to have lunch on one of the islands yourself, you have to pay P 3000 only for the boat ride. you still get to see the islands Hilutungan, Nalusuan & Ka-awhagan.

Lunch in Nalusuan : P 450.00 - 550.00 (free snorkeling in the fish sanctuary)
Lunch in Hilutungan: P 550.00 (free snorkeling in the fish sanctuary)

you can also bring your own snacks and lots and lots of water! 
for more inquiries, please message ivy faith in facebook :-)

Saturday, April 26, 2014

philippa paloma madsen

a very late post. this was during our niece's dedication ceremony.

march 15, 2014
nature's village resort, talisay city, negros occidental, philippines.

look at those eyes!!! .... oh, and the drool! haha!
sister dear

dayenyen, sister dear, tita lans & me
the ever beautiful kathrina & youngest sis
mama & tita inday
with one of the god-fathers, jore

tita lans & joshua
the lovely cake!

the dad & my lovely cousin dear, christine :-)
the curly cuteness & cousins

the ceremony!

brother dear singing
uncle pastor
ma. isabel!
family <3 i="">
with the parents & god-parents
kuya caleb, baby basti, pipa & baby gail

all filipino food except for this one green salad for all of us. 
tita helen & tito roger
kuya caleb!

i <3 i="" this="">


all photos by: essie studios by cmfotograpia